My images, use the ubiquitous tire fires as seen on the front page NY Times of the worldwide protests are about the practice of burning tires in the street as a disruptive way to obscure visibility and stop business as usual. It is the act of resistance and desired change. They are about the individual voice.
From here to there.
The series is based on Thomas Cole ‘s "Course of Empire" (1836) ,the key painting being “Destruction”, and influenced by Spanish Still life work..

Bruce Richards Course of Empire 2008 - 11 oil on linen
"Five to One"
oil on linen
28"X 22"

"Five to One" ( V2I) uses the title of the Door's song with the lyrics: "The old get old, the young gets stronger,
May take a week, and it may take longer, They got the guns but we got the numbers-Gonna win, yeah, we're takin' over, come on!"
Course of Empire 2008 - 11
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